Housing Costs under Universal Credit: Inadequate, Mismanaged and Harmful

Z2K Caseworker Andy McCarthy desribes one client's experiences of how the poor management and design of Universal Credit is preventing people from paying rentRead more

PTSD and the Welfare System

Caseworker Lucy Isaac shows why the social security system needs to do more for sufferers of Post-Traumatic Stress DisorderRead more

Haringey Reinstates Support for Low-income Households

Policy Director Marc Francis comments on Haringey Council's plans to reinstate Council Tax Support for its lowest-income residentsRead more

Forewarned is forearmed: the rollout of Universal Credit in Westminster

Senior Casework Manager Anne Killeen describes how Z2K is helping parents in Westminster prepare for Universal Credit, and highlights the concerns of those who are about to be affected by the new systemRead more

Positive steps: the benefits of wraparound support

Our client and our wraparound support coordinator explain how our Stepping Stones project can help people move forward with their livesRead more

Why we are calling for fundamental changes to ESA and PIP

After the launch of our new report, Chief Executive Raji Hunjan explains why we need fundamental changes to the disability benefits assessment processRead more

Change in Universal Credit Appeal regulations will leave disabled adults financially vulnerable

Z2K Caseworker Andy McCarthy highlights an important issue facing ill and disabled people as they are transferred onto Universal Credit.Read more

Changing Times, How Will Local Authorities Respond?

As Universal Credit rolls out, Z2K Complaints Caseworker Daniel Wrapson shows the importance of a commonsense approach to local housing policyRead more

Cutting down on the illegal use of B&Bs for homeless families

Policy Director Marc Francis on the illegal use of bed and breakfast accommodation for homeless families, a powerful judgement from the LGO and a heart-rending report on homeless childrenRead more

Progress for PIP claimants, but not people on ESA

The Government's plans to provide video recording for PIP assessments but not ESA shows an ongoing disparity in its attitudes to the two benefitsRead more

The big freeze and the thaw of change: journeys, theory and holistic support from Stepping Stones

Student social worker Nick Hampton reflects on valuable lessons learned from supporting Z2K clients on our Stepping Stones projectRead more

The tragic death of Jerome Rogers shows the urgent need for bailiff reform

Z2K are calling for independent regulation of the bailiff industry, to make sure no one else has to suffer as Jerome didRead more