In pursuit of our vision, we work to the following core values: 

Social justice 

We identify poverty in London and expose the structural inequalities, systems and policy decisions that work to cause it. 

Championing and defending rights

We ensure that the voices of our communities are heard in our evidence-based research and that this influences government policy and practice.  

Equality and inclusion

We make our casework services accessible to all sections of our community, and keep our advice free and confidential.


We equip our clients to address social and economic challenges, and to participate in community and decision-making activities. 

Compassion and respect 

All our stakeholder groups matter, and we benefit from their contribution to our mission and living out our values.  We treat everyone, including our staff, clients and partners, with equal respect and consideration of their needs and challenges.

Christian roots

Z2K’s founders were firm believers in Christianity and we continue to remember those roots, whilst working as an independent organisation which values all faiths and cultures and the contributions they make to London’s diversity.