We’re calling for independent regulation of the bailiff industry, and we need your help.

Bailiffs (also known as enforcement agents) often use extremely threatening tactics, refuse to accept repayments and add huge fines onto an individual’s debt. This makes it much, much harder to clear what’s owed and puts people through an enormous amount of unnecessary distress.

The BBC film Killed By My Debt - which tells the tragic true story of 20-year-old Jerome Rogers - shows the terrible impacts this can have.

The Government argues this is a problem of a few 'rogue' bailiffs breaking the rules. But sadly, Jerome is not the only person to have suffered at the hands of bailiffs. This is not just about a few ‘rogue’ bailiffs breaking the rules. This is about a systemic problem with the whole industry, where all too often the rules aren’t enforced - or don’t even exist.

That’s why we’re calling on the Government to act now on bailiff reform and introduce proper regulation of this powerful industry - so no one has to go through such suffering again.

To do that, we need your help. Please take five minutes to join us in this vital campaign and do one or more of the following:

  1. Email the Minister for Justice - who has the power to make the changes we need
  2. Email your local MP - so more MPs are aware of these issues, and can lobby the Ministry of Justice
  3. Share your story on our website - so we can show the Government this problem is widespread

Please take five minutes to do this. Your support could make all the difference.

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