Two of Z2K's clients, Simon and Elizabeth, have spoken out on Channel 4 News about the Government's mistreatment of ill and disabled people claiming social security payments.

Under Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) and Personal Independence Payment (PIP), hundreds of thousands of disabled and unwell people are being wrongly turned down from the payments they are entitled to.

Our report, Access Denied: Barriers to Justice in the Disability Benefits System, shows how the flawed assessment and Mandatory Reconsideration processes are preventing people from getting the support they need. The only way for people to get what is rightfully theirs is to undergo a lengthy and draining appeals process, which can take over a year, involve a great deal of financial and emotional stress and cause their health to deteriorate. 

The Government's failure to assess people correctly is shown by the high rate of appeal success: 9 in 10 of our clients have the Government's decision overturned at tribunal. 

As well as undertaking research into these issues, Z2K is campaigning for changes to the assessment and Mandatory Reconsideration systems.

Now, two of our clients have spoken out on Channel 4 News, showing the huge difference in results at assessment and appeal, and highlighting the hostile environment the Government is creating against disabled and unwell people.

Watch the news item here.