About us

We work to ensure everyone has the income, housing and support they need to live a stable, dignified life. But with rising living costs, lack of affordable housing and cuts to the social security safety net, more and more people are being pushed into poverty and prevented from meeting their aspirations. Z2K is an independent charity set up in the 1990s to fight for justice for those most at risk of poverty. We believe that people should be able to live with respect and dignity, with secure housing and an income that keeps them out of poverty. Our activities include:

Casework – homelessness prevention and one to one support and advocacy for people to access the benefits they are entitled to

Benefit appeals – representation at tribunal level to appeal negative benefits decisions

Housing – Private Rented Sector Access Scheme brokering tenancies between landlords and single homeless people

Wrap around – additional support to help clients address broader challenges, such as access to addiction services and mental health support

Campaign and policy – evidence from our projects and the voices of our clients to influence policy makers and ensure system change

Our clients, their needs, voices and lived experiences are at the heart of everything we do. Evidence from their cases and their stories are central to all our work and what we strive to achieve. We work in partnership with other charities, agencies and law firms to make sure we deliver the best service for our clients and achieve systematic change. Read more about our partners here. To find out how to access our service, please contact us.

“The service was excellent; it made a difference to feel I had somebody on my side” – Client feedback

96% of our clients say they would recommend our service to their friends and family