Our Impact

Since the early days of Zacchaeus 2000 Trust, we have helped thousands of people to increase their income, reduce their debt and stay securely in their homes.

Alongside our casework, we have worked tirelessly to continue to campaign with and on behalf of low income Londoners.

In 2017 alone, we helped 1054 Londoners on matters ranging from refused or loss of benefits, rent arrears, delayed or wrong payments, threat of eviction and access to social housing. We held a caseload of nearly 2,000 cases, reflecting that a number of our clients received help with multiple issues.

“Life is worth living when justice is achieved”,

Client Feedback

The total financial benefit to our clients was just over £2million – £2,008,199

“I feel more in control over my money after meeting the Z2K team for help and advice”

Client Feedback

In 2017, we stepped up our campaign to stop local authorities from introducing council tax charges or increases charges where these have already been introduced. Early in 2017, our campaign with other organisations in Tower Hamlets persuaded the Mayor not to introduce the 20 per cent Minimum Payment for the Borough’s 22,500 working age households.

“Z2K have the knowledge to address the legal issues and address them appropriately, which I am very grateful for; especially when going to tribunal”

Client Feedback

Instead of the 20 per cent Minimum Payment, Tower Hamlets made other smaller changes to the Non Dependent Deduction regime, Minimum Income Floor and capital limit, which it estimated would save £1.7 million. In Hackney, we worked to persuade the council to limit its increase in increase in council tax charges. These were due to go up to 20% of the full council tax charge from 15%, but following our campaign the Council agreed on 17%.

“Z2k helped me to obtain the benefit I was entitled to. I am using the money to live and to keep well”

Client Feedback