Email the Minister for Justice to stop the harm that bailiffs cause

The threatening tactics and heavy fines that bailiffs use put people through unnecessary suffering and push them further into debt. We need your help to ask the Minister for Justice, Lucy Frazer MP, to stop this, so that everyone is given the opportunity to safely repay their debts with dignity and respect.


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Dear Lucy Frazer MP,

I am writing to ask you to protect financially vulnerable people from unnecessary distress, damage and debt by introducing effective regulation of the bailiff industry.

Every year hundreds of thousands of people contact advice charities because of problems with bailiffs. With the cost of living getting ever more expensive, more and more people are currently falling into arrears and struggling to pay essential bills. When they fall behind on council tax payments or small traffic fines, their debts are very quickly passed onto bailiffs – whose high fees and threatening actions make it even harder for people to repay. Crucially, many of these problems have only got worse since the 2014 regulations.

The issue of bailiffs affects millions of people struggling just to keep their heads above water in difficult economic times. These problems have been raised by the Taking Control campaign, in which eleven organisations that support people in financial difficulty explain the need for fundamental bailiff reform.

In my own experience, [If you’ve been affected by bailiffs, add your own story here. Otherwise, delete this line.]

I am therefore asking you to commit to introducing independent regulation of the bailiff industry, to ensure these problems do not continue. The seven recommendations identified in the Taking Control report explain how effective reform could be achieved.

I would also like to request that the recently announced Call for Evidence looks at whether the 2014 regulations have been effective at protecting people in debt from poor bailiff conduct, and that you commit to act on any negative impacts identified by the review.

Your action on this issue will help to ensure the Government fulfils its commitment to help people who are struggling financially, who often don’t have sufficient income to pay even their essential bills, such as heating and housing costs. It will also ensure people are better supported to reduce the negative impacts of stress and anxiety on their mental health, and lower the risk that small debts escalate to the point that they spiral out of control.

Thank you for taking the time to read this email. I very much look forward to seeing progress on this important issue.

Yours sincerely,

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