Campaigning Achievements

As well as trying to get change at a national level, Z2K also seeks to influence the decisions made by London's councillors, especially on their local Council Tax Support schemes

In 2017, Z2K secures the support of hundreds of Hackney’s unemployed residents in a campaign against the proposed cuts to Council Tax Support for its 27,000 working-age claimants.  As a result, the Mayor agrees to scale back the cut and establish a £100,000  Hardship Fund for claimants struggling with their bill.


In 2016, along with Island Advice Centre, the Legal Advice Centre (University House) and Toynbee Hall, Z2K persuaded councillors in Tower Hamlets to drop completely the proposed 20 per cent Minimum Payment for all disabled and unemployed Council Tax Support claimants. This benefitted all 28,000 working-age claimants, who would otherwise have faced bills of around £200 a year.


In 2015, working with local campaigners Z2K presents a petition of hundreds of local residents against Barnet’s proposed cut to Council Tax Support. Councillors subsequently vote to press ahead with the cut by a majority of one on the Civic Mayor’s casting vote. Z2K’s campaign does help secure a £100,000 Hardship Fund for claimants in arrears.


In 2014, in partnership with Harrow Law Centre and MIND in Harrow, Z2K persuades councillors in Harrow not to implement their proposed increase in the Minimum Payment for disabled people from 14 per cent to 30 per cent of full Council Tax, protecting 2,280 disabled claimants from having to pay an extra £200 a year.