Council Tax Support Reports


Drawing on Freedom of Information requests and the first-hand experiences of our clients, we have developed a comprehensive analysis of the impacts of localised support schemes on councils and residents across London.

Our reports show a great degree of variation between boroughs, in terms of resident arrears, council collection rates and the problematic use of bailiffs. Using the evidence we have gathered, the reports demonstrate the need for the reinstatement of fully-funded support for all claimants.

Still Too Poor to Pay: Council tax support in London 2018/19 briefing, March 2020

Z2K Submission to the Work & Pensions Select Committee Welfare Safety Net Inquiry, December 2018

Still Too Poor to Pay: update on council tax support in London 2017-18, September 2017

Taking Control: the need for fundamental bailiff reform, March 2017

Still Too Poor To Pay: three years of localised council tax support in London, September 2016

Z2K Submission to the Work and Pensions Select Committee Inquiry into the Local Welfare Safety Net, November 2015

Too Poor To Pay, July 2015

A new poll tax? The impact of the abolition of council tax benefit in London, July 2014