We are working to create a London free from poverty. We believe everyone in our society deserves to live a stabled and dignified life, and that the social security system should enable them to do so.

But with rising living costs, falling wages and increasing cuts to the social security safety net, more and more people are being pushed into poverty. As government support is reduced, it’s all too easy for people to be overwhelmed by low income, debt and homelessness.

We work to change that.

We provide advice and legal representation so low-income and disabled people can get the welfare benefits they need.

We find sustainable tenancies for single homeless people so they can have the anchor of stable housing.

And we challenge decision makers to improve the social security system, so no one will be dragged into poverty in the first place.

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With your help, we can do all this and more. Every year, in addition to our independent funding from trusts and foundations, we need to raise £20,000 to deliver our services. Any contribution at all you can make towards this is hugely appreciated. Thank you so much in advance for your support.