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Z2K Celebration Event

On Thursday 16th January 2020 6pm-8pm, Z2K are excited to be hosting our first ever celebration event at St Anne’s Church in Soho. It is the first opportunity we have had to bring all that are involved with Z2K, from funders to volunteers to clients, to see our achievements from 2019.

By Jen Durrant · January 15, 2020

This will also be an opportunity for us to showcase two of our most in demand workshops from 2019:

  1. James Hopkirk Photography Workshop
  2. Ice & Fire Theatre Production Workshop

Both are part of our Stepping Stones project, in partnership with South West London Law Centre and funded by the Big Lottery. Stepping Stones partnered with established photographer, James Hopkirk, and delivered a two day workshop using photography to enable people to tell their personal stories and experiences of accessing benefits and services. This work will be showcased during the event.

Moreover, the Ice & Fire Production is a participatory theatre group, using arts and creative activism to explore human rights stories through performance. We worked with Ice & Fire to help people to tell their stories using participatory models and multiple art forms. Four clients will be performing some of their work during the event.

As you can see, we will be starting by showing our first ever about Z2K video

A huge thank you to Theo Delaney, Tony Briggs, Ruth Barrett and Datshiane Navanayagam for their hard work, time and commitment to making this video for Z2K on a pro bono basis. We really are truly thankful and very excited to show all of our funders the results!

This is an invite-only event and we are relying on RSVP to ensure we remain at capacity. If you would like to attend the event, please email samantha and we will be able to inform you if we have capacity for you to attend.