Z2K features in Allen & Overy’s magazine

The latest issue of Allen & Overy's magazine, Increasing Access, includes interviews and articles looking at the impact of their pro bono and community investment work around the world. This issue features their partnership with Z2K and our work to provide free legal advice in the UK in the context of drastic cuts to legal aid. Read more here.

Z2K (Zacchaeus 2000 Trust) have been working in partnership with the pro bono team at Allen & Overy, and in particular Aditi Kapoor and Robin Marshall to help us at Z2K to scale up our ability to represent clients at social security tribunals to appeal their disability benefits claims.

This is a really strong example of how the corporate sector and the small charity sector can work together to achieve the same goals. Pages 10 to 15 in this link says it all. Its about compassion, empathy and putting people first. Thank you to Allen and Overy for supporting our fight against poverty.

More information about our Tribunal Project:

Z2K has developed a fully co-ordinated scheme to connect pro bono lawyers to low income Londoners who are in need of tribunal representation when they are denied their disability benefits – Personal Independence Payment (PIP), Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) or Disability Living Allowance (DLA).

A dedicated Tribunals Co-ordinator takes referrals from a range of different agencies, drawing in clients with a breadth of physical and learning disabilities. Following an initial assessment, the cases are then allocated to pro bono lawyers. This pool of volunteers prepare appeals and then represent the client at the oral hearing. We provide training, including shadowing, for these volunteers and we supervise their work, including, in particular their submissions.

Last year, we achieved a 88% success rate with appeals; providing clients with access to justice and their rights. We will then use the evidence from this to keep pushing for change in the system.

If you would like to discuss how you can get involved in the project, please email our Fundraising Manager