What we do

We have a pro bono programme of work supporting clients with physical and mental health problems to appeal disability benefit decisions at tribunal level.   

We are currently working with two law firms and are keen to extend the programme further and get more law firms on board.   

This project has been devised to provide much needed support to those in our communities who have been most greatly disadvantaged by changes in the welfare benefits system. It is a partnership between Z2K and law firms to increase capacity to represent more people in social security and child support tribunals.   

Why it matters

In addition to ensuring direct support to those with the greatest need, it is an opportunity for practising lawyers and paralegals to both gain experience of social security tribunal representation, and fulfil a commitment to providing pro bono assistance and legal representation within London’s communities. 

“If I had to do the appeal on my own I would have failed.  I don’t see how anyone who needs ESA is able to get it on their own. The system is impossible to navigate on your own if you are unwell unless you have family supporting you who really understand this sort of thing.” Jake 

The main purpose is to increase our capacity to help more clients with disabilities to be supported in achieving a successful outcome at first tier tribunal.

The benefits to the partnering law firms are: 

  • Meeting your commitment to providing pro bono hours
  • Training for your staff on handling a social security case
  • Satisfaction of achieving positive outcomes for individuals. In most case a decision is usually given on the day of the hearing

The time commitment for individual pro bono lawyers is: 

  • Up to 6 hours training
  • To meet with client and prepare a submission to the tribunal (up to 4 hours)
  • To meet with client and attend hearing (up to 3 hours)

What you can expect from Z2K:

  • Full coordination of the project
  • Full training of up to 6 hours to cover welfare benefits overview, tribunal process, employment support allowance (ESA), personal independent payments (PIP) 
  • Background information on clients, including bundles
  • A checking service to ensure the accuracy of all submissions
  • All appeals lodged by us
  • Follow up with client of tribunal decision 
  • A database of first tier tribunal outcomes.  

Why partner with the Zaccheaus 2000 Trust? 

The Zaccheaus 2000 Trust is a London wide charity working to combat the poverty within London’s diverse communities. It does this through providing casework and specialist advice, practical support, training and campaigning at a policy level.   

If you would like to find out more, email [email protected]