Make a referral

Welfare Benefits & Housing Enquiries

Z2K’s casework team can help with welfare benefits and some housing issues. We can assist clients who live in London, below pension age, and are in receipt of (or entitled to) a means-tested benefit. If you are from an organisation or charity helping the client, please complete a referral form here and email it along with a signed Form of Authority and Data Consent Form to

If you are looking for help for either yourself or a family member/friend, please use our web form or call our enquiry line. Details of this are here.

If the referred issue is a simple query or require basic help, we may instead signpost the client to a more appropriate service or benefits calculator. We cannot help all referrals and for this reason we prioritise cases where there is a serious risk of homelessness, or because they do not have enough income to buy basic provisions.


Tribunal Representation Project – Referral Form for Agencies / Organisations 

Z2K provides free representation for disability benefits appeals as part of the Tribunals Project. Our Tribunals project accepts referrals from agencies and charities on behalf of their service users. If you are getting help from another organisation, they may be able to refer you to us once you have completed your Mandatory Reconsideration and lodged an appeal with HMCTS. If you are not linked in with another service who could refer you, please make a new enquiry with us.

If you work for an organisation or charity that is supporting a client with their negative welfare benefits decision and want to make a referral to our Tribunals project, please complete the referral form and have the client sign our form of authority. We accept referrals once the appeal has been lodged. For more information on making a referral, please download our info for referrers guide.

Please note that referrals made at a later stage, such as when the client has received the DWP’s response to the appeal or a hearing date, we will be unlikely to assist. Where possible, please refer a client within 5 days of the appeal being lodged with HMCTS.

More information about our Tribunals project can be found here.