Policy Work

Working to achieve systemic change is at the heart of everything we do. We bridge the gap between our clients who are living in poverty and the decision-makers who have the power to change this.

We regularly meet with MPs and councillors to lobby on specific issues and deliver responses to government consultations and produce and contribute to reports that inform policy and sector reform. All our work is practical, evidence based and aimed at enabling our clients to lead stable and dignified lives free from poverty.

  • Covid-19

    While we welcome the Covid-19 changes made to our social security system, we would like to see the Government go further to ensure that everyone is adequately supported...

  • Housing & Homelessness

    Access to affordable housing has become a growing concern over recent years, with rising rents and welfare cuts pushing more and more people into homelessness.

  • Disability benefits

    We believe that the government's harsh policies on accessing disability benefits are preventing disabled and unwell people from getting the disability payments they are entitled to.

  • Universal Credit

    We are challenging policymakers to make sure Universal Credit (UC) enables people to live a life of dignity.

  • Benefit Cap

    The benefit cap, imposed in 2013 and further restricted to an even lower rate in 2016, has reduced the income of tens of thousands of the country’s poorest...

  • Council Tax Campaign

    Council Tax Support

    In 2013 the Coalition Government abolished Council Tax Benefit, forcing local councils to carry the costs of support for their most vulnerable residents.

  • Wider welfare issues

    Tens of thousands of people are subject to enforcement action by bailiffs every year, with too many of them - including children - suffering intimidation, injustice and distress...

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