Universal Credit

We are challenging policymakers to make sure Universal Credit enables people to live a life of dignity

We are working with partner organisations, housing providers and decision-makers to lobby for a Universal Credit (UC) system that provides the income and support people need.


  • Pause UC which ideally means no more natural migration or managed migration until the system is fit for purpose.
  • Ensure transitional protection for every claimant moving from legacy benefits to UC
  • 5 week wait: the first payment should go to the claimant straight away not in the form of a loan but as their first payment. When monthly income is worked out, then change payments accordingly and set up repayment plan for claimant to pay back other 2 years.
  • By default claimant’s rent money should go straight to their landlord and the claimant can change this at a later date if they choose to.
  • All UC claimants to get payed weekly, claimant can then choose at a later date how often they would like to be paid so they can decide how to handle their own money.
  • Reinstate implicit consent

National Policy

Z2K Submission to the Work and Pensions Committee inquiry into Universal Credit - natural migration, February 2019

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Our caseworkers see first hand the impact of Universal Credit on people's mental and physical health. They write about the injustices people face and ensure the their client's experiences are heard.

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Z2K Formal Complaint to Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)

Z2K has written to Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) to make an official complaint in relation to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) launch of their 9 week Universal Credit campaign in the Metro newspaper which began on Wednesday 22nd May 2019.



Z2K’s follow up letter to the Advertising Standards Authority

We write to ASA after they inform us that our complaint is escalated to investigations stage.