Universal Credit update

We have been continuing our work to lobby for a Universal Credit system that provides people with the income and support they need

Last year we demanded the DWP #StopMisleading the public about Universal Credit.

Since the start of this year:

  • We have continued to call for the DWP to make a formal apology for these misleading adverts, we’ve continued to ask for an independent investigation into DWP’s working practices, and we’ve called for the new Work and Pensions Select Committee to undertake a wider inquiry into DWP culture.
  • We’ve submitted a response to the Economic Affairs Committee on the economics of Universal Credit. We will not be able to publish this response until the Committee does, but in our most recent blog we summarise what we said, and outline why Universal Credit was flawed from the start.
  • We have updated our calls on what reforms need to take place to improve Universal Credit.
  • We recently spoke to Mark Wright on Talk Radio about the fact that too many people are suffering on Universal Credit, and how the Government is refusing to acknowledge that many of the people they are imposing Universal Credit on aren’t being helped by this system.