We provide advice and support on a range of issues. We may be able to help you if you live in London and:

  • you want to apply for certain benefits but don’t know how
  • your claim for disability benefits (PIP or ESA) has been turned down
  • you are a single person who is homeless
  • you are worried about being evicted
  • you are having problems with housing benefit, council tax or rent arrears
  • you are having problems with universal credit
  • or you need wider financial support.

Please be aware that we are a very small charity and will always have a greater demand than we can meet.  For this reason, we often prioritise cases where a person is struggling to find help elsewhere. 

If you have a simple query or a basic problem with your benefits, it is always better for you to speak to your local Citizens Advice first, as they may be able to assist you quicker and be best placed to do so. 

Similarly we cannot help with pensions, homeless families or clients outside of London.

For support on these, please contact your local Citizens Advice here.

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