Why it matters

The social security system should work as a tool to enable people to live a dignified, stable life

We believe that the social security system should work as a tool to help people move out of poverty and lead a stable and dignified life.

All too often, those on benefits to which they are entitled are ignored or demonised.  Combined with high rents and unstable housing, it has become near impossible for those on benefits to meet their aspirations.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to call London their home, despite their income.

We use the evidence we gather through our casework to push for change.  There is nothing more compelling than the stories of those who are most impacted in maintain pressure on the government and individual politicians.

We also believe that our clients should have a say and that policy solutions need to be based in part on what they people needs to change.  This is reflected in our most recent report, Access Denied.

Access Denied - Barriers to justice in the disability benefits system

Download (796.9KB pdf)

For these reasons, we work with clients in an empowering way, helping them to understand how to navigate the system, whilst also identifying the ways in which the system works against them.

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