Bailiff reform

Tens of thousands of people are subject to enforcement action by bailiffs every year, with too many of them - including children - suffering intimidation, injustice and distress at the hands of a vastly unregulated industry.

This report, which we co-authored as part of a coalition of charities, highlights the need for independent regulation of bailiff agencies.

Taking Control: the need for fundamental bailiff reform, March 2017

Local Welfare Provision

As part of the Welfare Reform Act 2012, the coalition government abolished the national Social Fund for crisis loans and community care grants for those in need. In doing so they shifted the burden of paying for and administering support - now called Local Welfare Provision - onto local councils.

Our submission to the 2014 national consultation argues that the vital safety net of Local Welfare Provision should continue to be fully funded, and explains the reasons why.

Z2K Response to the Local Welfare Provision Consultation, November 2014